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It is our privilege to live in this great multi-cultural country and we should take this advantage to grow based on this rich and planet civilization instead of tribal limitation. Each culture has its unique history and feature, the emotional binding, the way of seeing this world, and the specific behavior pattern etc… Why do we live that way? Why it is important in the ancient time and why it is still important today? The discovery and journey can be fun, surprising, and even enlightening.

Purpose and activities:

1. Share the planet culture in one room. We will categorize cultures by continent, area and countries etc.

2. Present the culture through personal experience and living soul. Powerpoint slides can be used, actual culture symbol items can also be brought to show to others.

3. The topic can include language, history, holidays, folklore, mythology, spiritual tradition, health (food, holistic health practice, exercise) etc. which has significant meaning in human being’s evolutionary history.

4. We will collect topic and speaker information from members and external sources, compose our topic list, and schedule meetings.

5. I encourage meetup members here, or other people you know who are interested in this, to send your topic information to me including your time and frequency for your topic. The final list and schedules will be shared with meetup members.

A nice office boardroom will be rented for this activity and light refreshment will also be prepared. To cover the cost, $5 admission fee is encouraged (speaker is excluded). The location will be in Mississauga, close to Square One. And our meet up time will be most probably on weekend evening, depends on the speaker's time schedule. (Photo might be taken for meetup events and used on website, members attend event implies consent with it.)

Let’s get the ball rolling, pls send me your topic asap!


Helen Song

Organizer of Meet up - Culture without Border & Mississauga Culture Exchange


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