Qi Gong 8am-9am, Tuesdays

Culver City Qi Gong Meet Up Group
Culver City Qi Gong Meet Up Group
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Every week on Tuesday



How to find us

Directions: Bill Botts Park, enter on the corner of Jefferson and Duquesne, drive up road turn- left at dog park, left again at dead end, go up small hill, turn left immediately and park next to large field. We will be there : )

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You are warmly invited to join us in these ancient and

health promoting breathing and moving exercises.

Beginners: learn qi gong for the first time.

Seasoned practitioners: further cultivate, share and refine your energy.

This wonderful class is a community offering from Gentle Way Acupuncture. It is my joy to share this fun, health building practice with you.

No prior experience required. Anyone can learn.

I am a Culver City local, acupuncturist and owner of Gentle Way Acupuncture, Star Urmston LAc. I have a deep love for the sweetness of the Culver City Area, as well as the ancient art of qi gong.... so why not combine the two? Ever heard of Tai Qi? Well, Qi Gong is very similar. It is breathing and moving practice rooted in the ancient wisdom of the Martial Arts and Taoist - Chinese Medicine. It is a way of refining and cultivating oneself and, most of all, enjoying the incredible beauty of the present moment.

The purpose of this group is to provide basic qi gong instruction in a natural setting, as is traditional. You are invited to gather with us in the park and enjoy waking up and cultivating your energy. The more we proactively awaken ourselves every day, the more enjoyment in our lives we have, and the more we have to offer to the world around us. Also, did I mention it is fun!

This Meet-Up is open to all ages (who have the ability to participate in an hour long class)and all abilities. I will provide qi gong instruction in a playful, free form way to connect to the energy within and all around us. I will also give traditionally rooted instruction in the wonderful and foundational qi gong practice called "The Ten Pieces of Silk." This is a superb daily practice for working with basic health promoting breathing and moving exercises. All are welcome- Seasoned practitioners: come share and further cultivate your presence and energy. Beginners: we all must awaken a beginners mind of curiosity, focus and enjoyment in every moment, so you are right where you need to be to begin practicing and learning qi gong for the first time. Hope to see you here : ). (Note: No Class if raining).


-Star Urmston LAc

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