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In the 19th century, Lord Kelvin said, "If you can not measure it, you can not improve it." Two centuries later, the Internet of Things is becoming humanity's sixth sense. IoT measures and actuates the physical world, improving many aspects of our lives. It is becoming an integrated part of us.

Recently, we have seen the biggest innovations coming from the smallest teams; developing web, mobile and cloud tier applications where connectivity, computational and storage resources, and power consumption are only secondary challenges. In contrast, the Internet of Things is profoundly impacted by these difficulties. Moreover, IoT adds an additional tier: embedded devices. Therefore, development IoT applications requires even more expert knowledge within each tier and a holistic system understanding.

Typically, such expert knowledge and resources are only available to large corporations: excluding thousands of great ideas from ever reaching the market. Understanding IoT data collection and the implications is everyone's right and responsibility.

We are reaching out to those interested in understanding and building the future. Our mission is to educate and collaborate around the design and development process of the Internet of Things with security and privacy in mind from the beginning.

While other IoT Meetups focus on business, funding, marketing and so on, we focus on technologies and technical challenges. Our Meetups consist of lectures, workshops, keynotes, and collective knowledge sharing that is necessary for a successful IoT startup. We focus on technology, frameworks, libraries, coding, design strategies, security, privacy, energy efficiency, and user experience so you can design and build amazing products, succeed with your ideas, and together we can create a better future.

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