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We are a Curanderismo Shamanism Sacred Space (CSSS) Healing Community/Comunidad and Collective/Colectiva located in the Eastside Los Angeles (But all are Welcome/Todos Bienvenidos). We the CSSS Healing Community and Collective will share and offer meet ups, circles (Healing, Drumming, Meditation, Reiki, Teaching, Community), workshops, sessions, and classes on Various Holistic Modalities and Techniques related to Curanderismo (Latina/Latino Cultural Healing Ways), Shamanism, Energy Medicine, and Reiki such as Platicas (heart-to-heart talks), Honoring Indigenous Wisdom, Ancestral Healing, Energy Medicine (Cleansing, Clearing, Healing, Balancing, and Shielding/Protection), Shamanic Techniques/Experiences/Ceremonies (Journeying, Soul Retrieval, Power Animal Retrieval, Extraction), Folk Healing, Creating Sacred Space, Smudging, Space Clearing, cleansing, and Blessing, Breathing, Grounding Work, Forgiveness Practices, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique, Sound Healing, and other Energy Medicine & Spiritual/Well-Being Practices.

All practices and events shared in this Sacred Space Community and Healing Collective are Heart-Centered and Compassionate in Nature. We respect and value diversity and differences, and encourage cultural sensitivity. This a community where our intention is understand and learn form others' points of views, perspectives, and life experiences, rather than to impose our ways, views, will, or energy on others.

Disclaimer: Event Organizers and members are requested not to make claims to cure, diagnose or heal anyone of any condition in posts, threads, or in private messages that occur as a result of a discussion on Curanderismo Shamanism Sacred Space Healing Community and Collective. Members are solely responsible for products and services promoted and advertised by them in the posts, conversations, and private messages that occur as a result of a post shared in this group.

The founders/group administrators and event organizers cannot be held liable of any damages incurred by choices made by the members or guests frequenting the group, based on information exchanged herein. By participating in this group, you agree to indemnify all group members from being responsible for health, wellness, and well-being.

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