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Curiosity Gym is a place for people of all ages to allow for sparking of one’s own curiosity through applied learning, tinkering, prototyping or making.

The Gym offers a shared learning environment for all ages through workshops, talks and fun projects that anyone can participate in.

One can attend a variety of workshops or free talks or participate in some ongoing projects like building a gesture controlled clock, taking and making a 3D selfie, help make a book shelf, build and enhance a Mars rover or many other projects. You can also learn to design and 3-D print a building, vehicle or home decoration or 3D doodle your own mask or spectacle or woodwork. The schedule of workshops is posted in theCuriosity Gym Calendar.

So whether you are a school student needing some help on a project, keen to learn why or how something works or wanting to build your own device/drone/other cool gadget, a college student looking to find your career by meeting with people who have done something in your prospective field of interest or an entrepreneur looking for mentoring help on design, manufacturing or a adult or senior citizen looking to learn something new and to meet interesting people, Curiosity Gym is a place to come to.

While there are Gyms for exercise of the body, temples for religion and other organisations to find your spirit, Curiosity Gym is a place for you to catalyse your own curiosity and imagine your next question.

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Free Webinar on Innovations in Education

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St Pauls Provincialate Hall, Behind ST PAULS Media Complex

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