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Horse Riding, Kayaking, two Castles, Nicolaus Copernicus - Polish Adventure

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Due to room sharing arrangements the last place if for a male only! It can be taken by a female, but she will have to pay a single room supplement.

With the first long May weekend behind us, what's the best way to beat the post holiday blues? Book your next one!

As there was quite a bit of interest in the trip to Poland I have done the research and prepared a weekend full of adventures!

We have to pay the deposit until the end of May so I would need you to RSVP before then so that we can go forward. I would ask you to pay £30 of non refundable deposit by then so that I can book the place. You will be required to pay the rest before the end of July. The cost of our stay will be £199 (if you pay via paypal it's £206 to cover paypal charges) and I have detailed below what it includes. We will have to pay for the transport separately as not knowing how many we will be I could not add it to the total.

One thing for sure -it will be a week-end full of magic.

The plan of the trip:

24/08/2012 (Friday)

We fly from Stansted to Bydgoszcz:

London-Stansted - 13:20

Bydgoszcz - 16:25

We will have to get from the airport to the hotel where we would get a warm welcome and be able to refresh.

8pm -1am Dinner and party (included)

25/08 Saturday

8-10am breakfast (included)

10am – 3pm Kayaking to Karbowko Settlement (included). situated in the Drwęca Valley. It is a rural tourist settlement with a conference and

recreational centre.

4pm-11pm Grill (included) at Karbówko Settlement

26/08 Sunday

8-10am Breakfast (included)

10am – 1pm horse riding or horse carriage stroll (included)

You will also have access to:

Mini SPA (included)

On offer a fitness club with high-quality equipment (both for men and women), two massage devices Rolletic type, for full body massage, and Jacuzzi that can bring comforting relief for six people at one go. Additionally, there are three infrared saunas for one person each.

Salt Hut (included)

Thanks to the natural properties of salt and special inhalation devices (a vertical graduation tower, a waterfall) a typical seacoast microclimate is created. A special heating system makes the salt vaporize which negatively ionizes the air and saturates the air with bio-elements that are valuable for our health.

IODINE is responsible for the correct functioning of the thyroid which influences the metabolism and regulates the weight.
CALCIUM strenghthens the immune system, soothes rashes and regulates the cardiovascular system. Calcium plays a key role in biochemical and physiological processes. It is also indispensible for teeth and bones to grow properly.

MAGNESIUM is well known for preventing stress, it takes part in regulating the carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the metabolism. It counteracts oxygen deficiency in tissues and heart ischemia.
SODIUM, CHLORINE, POTASSIUM take part in regulating the bodies' water balance and maintaining the acid-base equilibrium.
IRON is an essential component of haemoglobin.
COPPER works anti-fungus, influences the synthesis of heamoglobin and endocrine secretion glands for example the pituitary or thyroid.
SELENIUM moderates the processes of aging of the skin, blocks free radicals, prevents cancer.
BROMIDE moderates the blood pressure and regulates the work of the respiratory system.

13:30 – 14:30 Lunch (included)

3pm – 11pm trip to Torun

Toruń is an ancient city in northern Poland (, on the Vistula ( River. Its population is more than 205,934 as of June 2009. Toruń is one of the oldest cities in Poland. The medieval old town of Toruń is the birthplace of the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus ( 1997 the medieval part

of the city was designated a UNESCO ( Heritage Site. In 2007 the Old Town in Toruń was added to the list of ( Seven Wonders of Poland ( rated the old town market and ( the Gothic town hall as one of the "30 Most Beautiful Places in the World." ( National Geographic ( (

Yes, this amazing place is my home town! :)

27/08 Monday (bank holiday)

8am – 10am Breakfast (included)
Sightseeing of Golub Dobrzyn Castle (included)
12:30pm – 13:30pm Lunch in Vabank (included)
Depart: Bydgoszcz - 16:55
Arrive: London-Stansted - 18:05
Hotel (included)
We will be staying in the heart of Golub Dobrzyn (Hotel Vabank, Rynek 9 street,[masked] Golub-Dobrzyń).
Each room is for 2 people with separate beds. If you would like to come with someone, please let me know a room with double bed can be provided.
Wifi, sauna, parking included.
Flight (not included): I have already booked my flight with Ryanair. I will be going a day earlier to make sure everything is ready. Please book yours as soon as you pay the deposit. They are currently available for £120.