What we're about

What we're about

Pugs meeting pugs! Pug families meeting other pug families! A meeting of Pug loving minds! Come join the fun!

We are a self-supporting, independent social group and are not affiliated with any organization or business.

While the majority of our members reside in the Lancaster County area, we could have members that come from all reaches of the world! We do not subscribe to the idea of cliques, groups or factions. We are ONE GINORMOUS pug loving family!

Our events and all communications (message board, email & social media outlets) are educational, entertaining and even helpful on occasion!

We host private pug-centric indoor Meetups One Sunday of every month. Our events are "pay-to-play" which means we collect attendance fees for EVERY breathing creature that walks through the doors. Those fees are used to pay for a variety of things throughout the year -- meetup.com fees, event venue fees, goody bags, contest/raffle prizes, etc.

Venues, themes and minimum requirements, vary by event so please read event details carefully!

R.S.V.P.'s are mandatory to attend and are closed at 12pm the afternoon of each event.

*Important Note: This is not a breeder's group. Both you and your posts will be immediately removed if you join our group with intentions of soliciting members for breeding purposes or selling pug puppies

Meetup Guidlines

Hello Pug Lovers!!! We are so ecstatic to announce The Windsor, by Canine Country Club is excited to host our Pug Meetups!! The staff is absolutely amazing!! The facility is gorgeous! We will have use of indoor and outdoor space. You are welcome to bring a towel, small blanket , or yoga/exercise mat to sit on. If you bring a folding chair there is a chance the legs could be peed on.....bring one at your own risk..lol! I encourage everyone to visit The Windsor, By Canine Country Club website so you can get an idea of the facility we will be at. I promise you will not be disappointed. https://cccresorts.com/

Our meetups are for PUGS/PUG Mixes and their family. At this time we are not allowing any other breeds as this is a PUG focused Meetup. We have found that when you remove a pug from a dog park like environment and put them in a room with only other pugs their personalities SHINE!!!!! Even the shy ones come out of their shell after a couple meetups. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause (leaving one dog at home) but hope you can understand our reasoning.


Now for the not so fun stuff to read but very important that you do!! Some fine print... PLEASE READ … R.S.V.P- Proof of Vaccinations-Children-Treats-Aggressive behavior

R.S.V.P. PROCEDURE!: Every single body (pug or human) must be included in your R.S.V.P. There is a $5 CASH attendance fee for every single body (pug or human) to attend events. Our site will not allow me to choose per attending, only per person. Count your pug as a person when R.S.V.Ping Examples:

* 1 pug 1 human = R.S.V.P. + 1 guest ($10 attendance fee)

* 2 pugs 2 humans = R.S.V.P.+ 3 guests ($20 attendance fee)

* 1 human 0 pugs = R.S.V.P. +0 guests ($5 attendance fee)

* 1 human 0 pugs = R.S.V.P. +0 guests ($5 attendance fee)

* 3 pugs 2 humans = R.S.V.P. +4 guests ($25 attendance fee)

You MUST R.S.V.P. to attend any and all events R.S.V.P.'s for all events will be closed at 12:00pm the afternoon of every event. You will have until then to add or change your R.S.V.P... To R.S.V.P you need to be a member of the Meetup.. please be sure to click the link on our page “Sign Up”

PROOF OF VACCINATIONS Per the Facility your pug must be up to date with Rabies and Bordetella vaccines. When you attend your first meetup you will be required to bring proof from your vet a copy of updated shots and till when. I will be keeping individual files. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET. Your pug/pugs will not be able to partake in the Meetup until documents are furnished. Exceptions- If for medical reason your dog is exempt from vaccinations a letter from your vet will be required stating so. Titer test results proving your dog is still current with vaccines will also be accepted.

Children: As much as we love children we do ask the following: -Any child under the age of 17 MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian AT ALL TIMES. This includes inside our Meetup location and all areas dogs are. -No running, jumping, picking up a pug that is not theirs without permission, climbing or sitting on agility equipment. -All children over the age of 1 will be subject to the same $5 fee, no exception. Please keep in mind this is a PUG Meetup. A time for our furry babies to run, be social, and have a pug of a good time. It is our goal to create a stress free and safe environment for them. If the rules are not followed you will be asked to leave and no refund will be given.

Treats: We ask you please be mindful of giving your dog treats. We understand you may be in the process of training and we do not want to interrupt the process but please give them very discreetly. If giving to a dog that is not yours please ask the owners permission prior to feeding.

Aggressive Behaviors: We have a 3 strike policy and you are out. Sorry, no exceptions. We need to be mindful of all dogs attending the meetup and their safety is number one. If we have to separate your dog from attacking other dogs we ask that you kindly remove yourself from the meetup. I know this is typically not a common pug trait but it can happen and must be mentioned. No refund will be given.

Minimum Pug age: We love those cute little faces!! For their protection and safety we do require a minimum pugs age of 16 weeks to attend. By this time all puppy shots should be finished.

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