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We will meet at least once a month to discuss current news and controversial topics. This group is very casual, come as you are to discuss current events over drinks and snacks!

The discussions can range from politics to celebrity and entertainment culture to environmentalism to animal rights to nutrition to abortion and on and on. If it's current news or controversial then it's fair game!

Everyone, no matter their political, social, etc. affiliation are welcome! The best discussions are when everyone has a different opinion, background, and experiences! The discussions will be cordial and respectful. Name calling, pointing, or yelling will not be tolerated. If you watch the news and really wish you had someone to talk to about it, this is your group!

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Current Events and Controversial Topics Discussion

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1. Inflation and government spending




2. Do you support UBI?


3. Are executive orders constitutional or too powerful?

A definition with a case example of a controversial order (Trump era) to show how one can be challenged, used as education discussion by the American Bar Association:

A list of the 10 most consequential from a status quo to slightly left leaning site:

A definition and list of 6 most controversial from a conservative leaning site:

A comprehensive comparison of the usage of orders over time by president from UC-Santa Barbara's The American Presidency Project

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Current Events and Controversial Topics Discussion

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