• LIVESTREAM: Designing Business Models - from idea to commercial success

    We have all come up with great ideas. Ideas that we know our customers will love. But how do we ensure they survive in an environment that demands evidence of commercial success for us to bring our designs to life? Join us for a unique opportunity to test and grow your skills at the intersection of human centred design and business model design with a South Auckland charity. OKE have a fully functioning virtual reality learning app but need a go-to-market model that can ensure the financial sustainability of their organisation and their staff. Explore tools to develop a testable framework for product and service commercialisation, challenge your virtual gardening skills in the app and help OKE create an income stream from this cutting edge technology to keep up their important work in South Auckland primary schools. This interactive session is facilitated by the CX Collective to drive the learning of our members and outcomes for the charity. About Paul Dickson and OKE Paul is the Chief Go Getter at OKE, a charity that helps grow Mighty Kids. OKE provides kiwi kids the opportunity to learn life and social skills by introducing productive gardens into schools. The garden includes all that is required to make it sustainable and, together with local community, is built at no cost to schools through coordinated working bees. Benefits to the kids are many, but include increased understanding of where their food comes from, being able to show their parents how to grow and use veggies at home, mobilise local communities and supporting the development of financial skills by turning produce from the garden into profitable sales, which fund a sustainable garden. By giving kids the tools to learn, OKE are empowering schools and communities to grow essential life and social skills, ultimately providing a better place for everyone. To receive the livestream link directly into your inbox, sign up here https://www.cxcollective.co.nz/event-info/livestream-designing-business-models-from-idea-to-commercial-success