• LIVESTREAM: Journey Mapping 2.0 - Stepping up your culture change game

    Please note this is a livestream of an Auckland event. You can register for the free livestream here https://www.cxcollective.co.nz/event-info/livestream-journey-mapping-2-0-stepping-up-your-culture-change-game We have all these customer journeys... now what? At first glance, customer journeys can be pretty simple - you make a whirling, flaming hooberschnoozle and the customer gives you all their money. However, it doesn't take long for all of the details, dependencies, channels and sheer, bloody-minded humanity to twist it all up in complication and argument. Journey mapping is an excellent tool and activity to ensure that the complexities are laid clear by visualising customer steps and interactions for insights and opportunities. But how can journeys also ensure that the logic of the customer, their context, and the conversation flow together - despite the size of you organisation or the number of your channels? Your journey map is more than a sense-making tool. It is also a tool that will help you design amazing customer, employee, and, well, human experiences and is potentially one of the best ways to heard your corporate cats into alignment around that experience. Join the CX Collective at Spark to find out how while gearing up your design A-game for customer experience design. About Perrin Rowland, Domain Chapter Lead: User Experience Perrin's purpose is to be where the learning is, so she can make sure that everyone gets every scrap of aha and insight available. Due to this philosophy, she has cooked professionally in Italy, filled Spark Arena with Lego, written a book, and built learning communities. She’s taught IA & UX at New York University, done usability work with the Neilson Norman Group and trained with Keith McCandless on inclusive facilitation. Most recently, Perrin has embedded design frameworks to ensure that Spark’s customers and their journeys were central during agile transformation. Steeped in the disciplines of design, learning, and culture, Perrin facilitates Human Centred Design workshops, coaches teams to design quality customer solutions at scale, and is a change master for shifting the cultural maturity of organisations towards customer obsession. Timings 7.00am - Arrival, networking and light refreshments 7.30am - Talk and interactive workshop (Livestream starts, sli.do available) 8.30am - Event finish and networking 9.00am - close

  • LIVESTREAM:Energy 2030 - capturing customer insight to create New Energy Futures

    Vector is on a journey to create the New Energy Future - supported by the development of a more direct relationship with its end-customers in order to generate real customer insights and understand how innovation may impact them. In this facilitated panel discussion and workshop thought leaders from across the energy, customer and innovation domains, the Vector team will be taking us through their view of New Zealand’s energy future, what that means for customer expectations, and how customer insight helps shape decision making, investment and resources allocation at Vector. The second part of the evening is an interactive and thought provoking workshop on how organisations can develop real world testing environments. Vector is preparing to build an Auckland scale field research practise, an energy solutions ‘sandpit’, for long term testing and development of products and services. Use you design skills to inform the prototype and help Vector embark on their New Energy Future journey. This will be a great chance to challenge your own thinking around customer research and designing for customers at scale, as well as helping to shape the New Energy Future for Auckland and beyond. The panel discussion is driven by inspiring thought leaders from across the energy, customer and innovation domains, including Nikhil Ravishankar, Chief Digital Officer Andrea Robertson, GM Customer Excellence Shailesh Manga, GM Digital Transformation Philip Ivanier, Head of Innovation and Prototyping The workshop will be facilitated and supported by a team from Vector’s Women in Leadership program, who will be responsible for iterating, testing and implementing a pilot of our solution prototypes. Timings 5.30pm - Arrival, networking and light refreshments 6.00pm - interactive panel and workshop (Livestream starts, sli.do available) 7.30pm - Close If you would like to get the livestream link directly into your inbox, sign up here: https://www.cxcollective.co.nz/event-info/livestream-energy-2030-capturing-true-customer-insight-to-create-a-new-energy-future

  • LIVESTREAM: Leading Design-led Organisations

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    In a customer centric world where experience is the new currency, what are the leadership models fit to manage teams, connect with customers and empower communities? Join us this month for an interactive panel discussion & workshop at Auckland Libraries where we will explore leading organisations for customer outcomes. Auckland Libraries are on a journey to understand communities & empower them to co-create services & experiences. Hear from a diverse set of people including the head of libraries, people leaders, frontline staff & design coaches about: - models for embedding consistent design practices across 55 customer facing sites - reframing the role of people leaders to become more responsive to new organisational realities - the leadership models they are experimenting with to ensure teams are supported in the design & delivery of customer centred outcomes for Auckland’s communities - perspectives, challenges & opportunities of leading design-led organisations & design practices in today’s organisations. The panel is followed by a hands-on activity to help reflect on your organisation’s place on the journey towards leading design-led organisations for customer outcomes. Timings 6.00pm - interactive talk & Q & A (Livestream starts, sli.do available) 7.30pm - Close Panelists Arlee Turner is the Community Library Manager of Whangaparāoa Library. She comes from Melbourne & has been with Auckland Libraries since 2013, where she’s gained experience serving different communities through her various roles and through the embedding of co-design practice. Arlee is passionate about how co-design provides a means for active communication, collaboration & co-creation with communities which in effect enables community empowerment & creates libraries to be more relevant, responsive & inclusive. Daniel Blomfield is a Librarian at Manurewa Community Library & has gained a breadth of experience working with different communities in his various of roles & at different locations over the last 7 years at Auckland Libraries. Design had been a fundamental part of how Daniel approaches engaging with local communities, with community becoming the driving force behind co-creating & implementing services to meet relevant needs. Jenny Barnett is a Māori Service Coach for Auckland Libraries. She’s been in the library profession since 1997, with a start in Māori specialist roles designed to support Māori academic staff & students at Waikato University & Auckland University. She’s also gained experience and leadership in non-Māori specific roles at Te Ohomai (formerly Bay of Plenty Polytechnic) & as a Community Library Manager at Auckland Libraries. Jenny has been exploring the intersection of design within a te ao Māori paradigm & leadership space. Mark Buntzen is Founder & Director of The Distillery, a small innovation agency based in Auckland. We distil ideas; ideas about how we can create—and live—better futures. Design is a key enabler of this objective for Mark, and he’ll be sharing what this looks like in practice, at scale, with Auckland Libraries. Mirla Edmundson is the General Manager of Libraries and Information at Auckland Council. Mirla is an experienced people leader who believes in the importance of building leadership and customer capability across all aspects of the Library service & the teams who serve Aucklanders. Moderator Monique Nathu is a Service Coach for Auckland Libraries. She believes in the power of co-design & capability building. Her role is to help library staff co-design new products & services together with their communities & then develop the new library practices, processes & systems to support them. Please note that we do not record events. If you want to receive the link to the livestream directly into your inbox, please register here: https://www.cxcollective.co.nz/event-info/livestream-leading-design-led-organisations

  • LIVESTREAM: Leveraging Design Thinking to bridge silos

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    Join us this month for an interactive talk and workshop at IBM where you’ll learn about and experiment with hands on tools that help bridge corporate silos. We’ve all been there, you host a well thought through design thinking workshop, gather fantastic insights and even prototype some great ideas - and then it fizzles. Your product owner is set on building this one feature, your business leaders have already decided on a specific platform and you know that this is not going to delight your user. In this session we are going to share some war stories & techniques that have helped us overcome barriers to implementing design outcomes. The talk is followed by a hands-on session with people in the room and our livestream audience to help you apply and experiment with some tried and tested IBM Design Thinking tools that can help you bridge organisational silos and get delightful experiences into agile delivery. Timings 5.30pm - Arrival and networking 6.00pm - interactive talk and Q & A (Livestream starts, sli.do available) 7.30pm - Close About the speakers: Armig Esfahani is a senior UX specialist at IBM iX who has led the UX research and design for a variety of mobile and web applications touching experiences of millions of customers daily; notable clients include Apple, HSBC, Marriott Hotels, Air New Zealand, Vodafone and more. Fabian Faes is a senior experience consultant at IBM iX who has a strong “Yes Let's” mindset and is passionate about applying various design and agile methodologies to solve complex problems. His previous roles include setting up an innovation studio at a public sector client to coaching design thinking into agile squads at Vodafone. Please note that we do not record events. If you want to receive the link to the livestream directly into your inbox, please register here: https://www.cxcollective.co.nz/event-info/livestream-leveraging-design-thinking-to-bridge-silos

  • Customer centric organisations - the journey from insights to brand & beyond

    LIVESTREAM: Join us for our first event of 2019 from the comfort of your own device. We’ll be live-streaming a talk on insights driven brands and business models, and our journey from insights to action. During a co-design workshop in 2018 members gathered insights into the future of the CX Collective, now we’re ready to share what we’ve done with them! Through this event, we’ll go over the insights members have uncovered during the co-design session and showcase how they translate into a brand identity for the CX Collective and a business model that will help us grow the community and our collective practice. Please note that there wont be a recoding of the event. This event will be live-streamed and the link will be published on meetup on the day of the event. The livestream audience will be able to ask questions via sli.do. Timings 7.30am - Arrival and networking 8.00am - Talk and Q & A (Livestream starts) 9.00am - Close Looking forward to having you join via the livestream! About the speakers Sarah Clearwater, Founder, CX Collective Passionate about human centred design and frustrated with the lack of peer networks in Auckland, Sarah started the CX Collective in 2017 to bring together people who help organisations shift focus from profit to people. Working in service design, business strategy and customer experience over the past 12 years, Sarah has helped organisations in the public and private sector in Europe, the UK and NZ to put human experiences at the heart of business. A fellow of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragements of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce), Sarah is an active voice in the global conversation on design-led innovation and - through her innovation agency REFRAMR - mentors and speaks on designing with and for people. Guy Whateley, Director, Saturday Guy plumbs the depths of strategic questions like who are you, what’s your purpose, and why should anyone care. After a decade or two treading the boards of ad agency land in London, SE Asia and NZ – Y&R, Leo Burnett, Grey and Saatchi & Saatchi – Guy fell in love with corporate identity and design and has been helping change the way people feel about clients’ businesses ever since. David Storey, Creative Director, Saturday With 20 years’ experience in England and New Zealand, David is Saturday’s naturally curious and inquisitive creative lead for the agency. Having worked on many high profile accounts including Aston Martin, Santander and Mercedes-Benz as well as leading projects for Vodafone, Mercury, NZSO and Organ Donation NZ. David brings to clients’ business a highly conceptual problem-solving approach, that translates business communication issues and opportunities into potent, compelling design ideas.