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In the past few years, machine data has been the new hotness in the IT and Cybersecurity world. With all electronic devices constantly receiving, generating, and sending data, it becomes quite the task to capture, store and monitor all of it. This is where a centralized data storage platform comes in. One of the largest/prominent, if not the largest/prominent, data platforms out there is none other than Splunk!

We would like to introduce to you our very special guest speaker, and fellow Shad0w Synd1cate member, Lee Goodrich! Lee is a Consulting Engineer with ClearShark and an accredited Splunk Professional Services Consultant. Lee has a combined 15 years of IT, Network, Telecomm, and Military Radio / Satcomm experience. He is a wealth of knowledge and we are excited and thankful to have him present this workshop!

In this workshop, we will dive in deep into what Splunk is and how it can be used to streamline a lot of organizational processes. We will be going over the following topics:

-What is Splunk?
-The Major Use Cases For Splunk
-Splunk Components
-Pricing Model
-Splunk Apps and Add-ons
-Common Splunk Commands
And More!

To include, a full hands-on workshop will be followed after the presentation that will help you solidify what you learned. It will include the following:

-Ingesting Data Into Splunk
-Utilizing Splunk's Search Processing Language (SPL) To Retrieve Meaningful Data

If you have ever been interested in Splunk or machine data platforms in general, you won't want to miss this amazing event!

Installing Splunk
Due to the limited time we have, please have Splunk installed prior to attending the meetup. Below are the Splunk guides on how to install it on both a Windows and macOS system.
To download Splunk go to and click on "Free Splunk" on the top right and fill out the information.

-To install on Windows:
-To install on macOS:

If you have any issues or questions regarding the install, please feel free to reach out to us!

NOTE: Laptops are needed if you want to take part in the hands-on workshop.