11001 - CTF Event (Trial of the K1ng)!


Hey fellow Shad0ws!

We hope you all had an awesome holiday season relaxing and enjoying family and friends. We are excited to announce our first meetup of the year and the first meetup of the new decade! We wanted to start off with a bang, therefore what better than to host a CTF?! The CTF will have challenges for all levels of experience so don't be afraid to come and take part. At the minimum you will leave hopefully learning something new!


As a Shad0w Synd1cate operative, you must be trained in the art of the Shad0w in order to stay ahead of our adversary, the Leg1on of L1ght! The Shad0w K1ng enlisted scientists to develop an adequate training environment to weed out the worthy. Tapping into the very ether that flows through the Shad0w Realm, Shad0w scientists have created a specialized training environment named the "Hyperbolic Shad0w Chamber" in order to help train and test fellow Shad0ws knowledge.

In this chamber your skills will be put to the test as you are faced with numerous challenges you must solve in order to prove that you are ready to defend the Shad0w Realm.

The challenges entail of the following categories:
► Trivia
► Event Log Review
► Volatility
► Stego

Make the K1ng proud, prove your worth and standby your fellow Shad0ws in the preparation for the war that lingers.

NOTE: We will be providing a Virtual Machine image for you to use in order to partake in the CTF event. Please stay tuned for an email/update announcement with the link to download the VM!


As always, snacks and refreshments will be provided by our amazing sponsor ISSA - Las Vegas. We highly recommend you check them out, they have an event coming up on the 15th. Here is a link for those interested: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/issa-lv-chapter-meeting-tickets-85642893199