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In this day and age, every digital citizen and business is at risk. Welcome to the new world of frequent cyberattacks. It's a matter of when.

Cyberassailants can hack aimlessly or target explicit resources, both small and large corporations. It is advantageous to learn the art of uncovering the assailants, while also knowing how to implement and manage safeguards.

Do you want to connect to experts and expert programs for Cybersecurity, Risk Management and Serverless?

Whether you are a developer, software engineer or information security analyst in a company or a professional within InfoSec, AppSec, NetSec, CloudSec, GDPR or compliance area...this touches your profession.

The security resources, security developers, experienced serverless cloud computing professionals are within this group. There are also credits available to VIP and active members, every month.

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Samsung Developers Event - #SDC19

San Jose McEnery Convention Center

This is an event hosted by Samsung only. The announcement is to share only. Visit and register here for Samsung's Developer Conference 2019 -https://www.samsungdeveloperconference.com Here is the agenda... https://www.samsungdeveloperconference.com/schedule Join fellow developers, creators, and technologists at Samsung Developer Conference to learn about the latest dev tools, check out new products and services and get 1:1 advice from the Samsung masterminds behind them. - More Cool Stuff... - Join the Samsung Developer Program - https://program.developer.samsung.com - Exynos 9611 | 9610 | 9609: Power for your next smartphone that you might see - https://youtu.be/uhPvPVKkufc

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