What we're about

This group is for people involved in Cybersecurity: IT Professionals, Ethical Hackers, Developers, Analysts, Crime Fighters, Security Managers, Network and System Security Administrators, Security Consultants, Cyber Defense Specialists, Students, and many more.

We get together to learn something about cybersecurity, but we also meet each other for business networking, job opportunities, etc. You care about data confidentiality / data integrity / data availability? Then this group could be for you!

Our meeting agenda is simple:
- first, one of us gives a 45-60 minutes presentation (e.g. how to hack and/or defend against something, etc.)
- then, we'll have a discussion / questions about the presentation
- last but not least, we'll have a drink together, do some networking, exchange ideas, and have fun.

Remarks: this meetup is open to locals, expats and extraterrestrials as well. Don't worry about English grammar and language skills, - it's all about security!

Even though we have (and need) a sponsor, this group is non-commercial, all meetings are free, no fees whatsoever, and we focus more on information, not so much on products and companies.

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