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This group is for people involved in Cybersecurity: IT Professionals, Ethical Hackers, Defense Specialists, Crime Fighters, Analysts, Security Managers, Administrators, Security Consultants, Students, and more. Private sector, academia, military or government employees. Locals, expats or extraterrestrials - all are equally welcome. Except cybercriminals.

We get together to learn from each other about cybersecurity, exchange ideas, but we also meet each other for business/social networking, job and training opportunities, etc. You care about data confidentiality / data integrity / data availability? Then this group is be for you!

Our meeting agenda is simple:
- first, one of us, or an invited speaker, gives a presentation (e.g. how to attack and/or defend against something, etc.)
- then, we'll have a discussion / questions about the presentation
- last but not least, we'll have a drink together, do some networking, exchange ideas, and have fun.

Even though we have (and need) a sponsor, this group is non-commercial, all meetings are free, no fees whatsoever.

...and we don't worry about English grammar and language skills, - it's all about security!

We will schedule our first meeting as soon as our group has enough members. We hope it won't take long!

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