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This group is for leisure cyclists who are looking for an adventure. It is for people who want to try out long distance cycling. Perhaps you have recently bought a bike and take it out for a spin few times a month or you are a regular user of Boris Bikes and want to try something more challenging, or else you may be a regular keen cyclist who wants to explore England on your bike. All are welcome to join.

A cycle route which goes around the Country (England), including a number of popular leisure routes on the National Cycle network (NCN) and goes past some interesting places, has been planned. The route starts from London (Thames Barrier) and ends in London. It goes around the Kent Coast line through Dover and Hastings to Brighton, it then comes back up to London and goes down the Thames valley to Bath and Bristol before going up north through Gloucester , Birmingham, and Manchester to the Lake District. The return path goes cross country over the well-known C2C cycle route in the peak district and then winds its way down the eastern coastline via York, Hull, Norwich and Ipswich. In short, it goes around the country.

The route is divided into 40 Segments. Each segment is between 40 to 60 miles, the total distance of the entire route is around 1300 miles. Each ride is expected to take between 4 to 6 hours of riding time, so that makes it a good day out. The objective is to cover this circuit over 4 summers..

In 2013 we went around the South East Part of the Country from Thames Barrier through Kent and Sussex and then back to London


In 2014 we will go around the South West Part of the Country, Starting in Windsor, down toward Southampton and back up to Bath, Bristol, Gloucester and then back from Swindon to Reading,


in 2015 we will go North from Reading to Oxford, Birmingham, Manchester and back via Hull, Norwich, Ipswich back to London.


Most rides that are close to London will be day trips, that is, we leave in the morning and come back the same day to sleep in our own beds. However as we go further away from London or get far up north they will become weekend trips with one ride on a Saturday and the second on a Sunday; some of these outings may also require a Friday evening start.

You can join to take part in one ride, a selection of rides, a section of the circuit or take up the challenge of completing the full circuit. You can start at any point and since it is a circle you can make any point the start and end point. If you decide to take up the challenge to do the whole circuit and can’t make some of the scheduled dates you will have the option to do a catch-up at a later date.

Typically, the rides will start between 10am and 11am. The starting point will be a train station. The recommended trains to take from London and other details will be posted as an event on the meet-up site, for each ride. The directions and the route information will be provided before the ride, the route will be easy to follow, people can choose to ride at their own pace, we expect to do an average of 8-10 miles an hour, and a 15-30 minute stop will be planned after every 10-15 miles. The idea of the ride is will not be to get from A to B, but to go around the country, enjoying the beautiful English countryside and taking in the sights

There will of course be a celebration at a pub at the end of each ride. The ride will end at a train station and people can make their way back home on the train.

To see a schedule of rides click here http://www.meetup.com/Cycle-Around-England-in-30-Rides/pages/Rides_Schedule/

Additional information, rules and guidelines will be posted on the FAQ pages on the site http://www.meetup.com/Cycle-Around-England-in-30-Rides/pages/FAQs/

Please note: This is not a guided tour or an organised trip by a tour company, the meet-up has been set-up as a community project to bring people of a similar interest together. While the organiser will provide all the information about the ride, each person will be responsible for their own bikes, gear and safety. The the role of the organiser is only to facilitate the trip.

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Cycling in Cornwall - Land's end to Eden project

Reading railway station

York to Lincoln (Ride 30 & 31) - 105 Miles

Needs a location

Surrey Pub Chute 40 miles

Hoxton Overground Station

Lincoln to King's Lynn (Ride 32 & 33) - 90 Miles

Riverside Hotel

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