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What we're about

Cycling trips,

• mainly in Denmark and neighbouring countries (Scandinavia and Baltics)

• in small groups (2-5 persons, maybe more for shorter trips)

• of 1 to 10 days duration at moderate speed (15-20 km/hour, 60-80 km/day)

• staying at reasonably cheap hotels, airbnb or youth hostels.

I have launched this meetup on my own, but encourage you to show initiative and use this as a forum where you are most welcome to launch your own projects and spread information about relevant events.

You need not have a fully-fledged detailed plan in order to launch a project - this can be done later together with those meetup members that show interest.

You are free to post anything, at least until further notice. However, what I see as the specific for this meetup, compared to other cycling meetups, is that it is not about sport, but rather about leisure, nature, having a good time and seeing interesting places, especially such that are off the beaten road, but need not be far away - as an example I am preparing a plan for a cycling trip to the Russian enclave Kaliningrad.

I find it very useful to combine cycling trips with train transport - e.g. to cycle to Berlin and take the train back to Copenhagen, - in general it is very easy to bring a bicycle with you on the train in those European countries I have tried (Denmark, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg).

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