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This Meetup will focus on the writings of the Cynics and Stoics, as well as other Classical writing - including the writings of philosophers of many schools, works of tragedy and comedy, poetry both epic and lyric, dialogues, and fragments both long and short. We will also look at more modern texts and writings through a cynically-stoic lens, such as essays and papers which may inform our readings, and modern works of drama, poetry, and literature (modern meaning generally anything written after the reign of the Roman Emperor Theodosius I, from around 395 CE onward).

Your group organizer makes no claims to any particular credentials, and is merely a guy with a lot of books and a desire to discuss, enjoy, and delve into the love which we call 'philosophy'.

//note\\ I'm currently in the process of posting my first meetups, but its a WIP right now. Just getting the bones in. I will polish it all up in the weeks ahead.

All readings will be provided in the form of downloadable PDFs at least a week in advance of the meetup.

Meetups will be weekly on Wednesday evenings, probably around 8-9:45pm. A permanent location is TBA, and we may try a few out before settling on a final choice - but any location will aim to be centrally located in either accessible Brooklyn or lower Manhattan.

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