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NOTE: This group is NOT only for musicians. This is intended to be a Community Drum Circle. Read up on the links below and THEN read the rest of the group description. I insist. :)



“The Drum Circle is not a professional ensemble, nor is it really about music, but rather a group of friends having a rhythm party.”
–Mickey Hart

Why do people go to Drum Circles?

• For fun.

• A sense of community.

• Introduction to rhythm and percussion technique.

• Musical expression.

• Health benefits: stress-reduction, creative expression, and feeling better.

•An experience of unity.

Who attends Drum Circles?

Everyone! Young or old. Physically challenged. Beginners to advanced players. Health & wellness enthusiasts.

All levels, from beginner to advanced, are invited and welcome.

Just come and participate. No prior musical experience is necessary! :)

This group is for people who love rhythm in all its forms, be it hand drums, traditional 5-piece drumsets, the school band marching drums , or even your mother's pots and pans, and want to share in the group experience. It would help if you live in the Central suburbs. :D

Almost anything that makes a noise can be used to drum on, buckets, cans, pipes, wooden blocks or even your neighbour's pet cat, anything at all. (Cats aren't recommended for various reasons, but primarily these two: 1. Their sound isn't consistent & 2. Those claws hurt. :D )

People of all ages are welcome, and indeed, encouraged to join in.

We meet at Cypress in Mulund West.

Let's get drumming!

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