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This is a group for everyone interested in learning about the healing properties of crystals & stones & those willing to explore their powers.
Since Ancient times the healing powers of stones & crystals have been used for ritualistic & medicinal purposes across the globe. There are healing properties within these that can aid in countless ailments including relieving stress, anxiety, inflammation & hormonal balance. At times they are also utilized with other holistic healing methodologies like reiki to further harmonize the properties in order to align & balance chakras.
There are a multitude of benefits and together we will explore basics and practical uses we can all benefit from individually.
This will be an on-going MeetUp in which we will feature a new stone or crystal at each meeting and extend the opportunity to learn how you can use it purposefully and appropriately in your own life.
We are super excited to be able to offer this MeetUp at the new Crystal Cave in Encinitas, which is part of SoulScape http://www.soulscapeonline.com/

The Crystal Cave will be giving a 25% discount for purchases made on the day of the MeetUp!
The cost is $10 per person.
Space is limited, please make sure you RSVP for your spot!

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