D&D 5th Edition 'The Initiate Trials'

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"The Initiate Trials"

What you need to know:
- 5:00PM-8:30PM
- @ the Orc's Lair - 11122 W Alabama Ave E3, Youngtown, AZ 85363
- Every other Tuesday Starting on Tuesday, July 30th
- $2/person for table rental & comes with free soda

This group is for beginner and/or slightly inexperienced D&D players. We are a group of laid back individuals who want to kick back, have some fun, be creative, go on epic adventures, battle terrifying foes, and be come the greatest hero's of the land.

Always wanted to try out D&D but felt intimidated to go to a 'Hardcore' group to learn? Need some help creating your character? More interested in having fun and meet new people rather than debate the finer points of rules and regs?

Then Join us as we begin our adventure in Matilda's Rest, a small village known for its goats, sheep, lumber mill, and massive ancient graveyard. The town, on the surface seems a lovely little place full of warm and caring people. But soon our adventurers will begin to see the darker side of Matilda's rest. Will our hero's prevail? Will they help? Or will their actions doom the citizens to a terrible fate?
Join us as we explore, investigate, and battle until the truth of Matilda's Rest and the town's plight is exposed.

Note: All the below suggestions are just that. Suggestions. The goal is to have fun, not assign you homework assignments. That said, if you want to get started early and expand/deepen your experience, take a look at the options below.

What you probably want to Bring/Explore/Think about beforehand:
[Highly Recommend] - Pencil, Paper, D&D Character Sheet
[Very Useful, but costs] - D&D Player's Manual
[Free to Explore] - dndeyond.com as we may use it to quickly make your character
[Character ideas] - Think about what kind of character do you want to be? Someone who fights up close? Someone who casts magic from afar? What race is your character? Are they Good? Evil? Insane?