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What we're about

What will I do in this group? A. Meet people, B. Go places, C. Have fun, D. All of the Above Answer: D!

Yes, this group is for you! "D. All of the Above" group includes a little of everything.

Everyone is welcome - almost. No self-proclaimed divas, whiners, or people looking for someone to blame. This isn't a good group for you if you don't know how to tip your server, make your own plane reservation, and PARTICIPATE. We're a primadonna-free zone.

Think it's cool to post a photo of your cat instead of your own photo - please don't join. Likewise if you are the type who just RSVPs for everything and then doesn't show up. We're looking for participants, not energy vampires.

Whether you've just moved to Vegas or lived here 30 years, you are welcome.

In our future: dining out, weekend trips, Vegas shows, house parties, target shooting, wine/beer tasting, potlucks, travel, spa days, sporting events, live music, special events, picnics, camping/hiking, Happy Hours, outdoor fun, BBQs, downtown, and so much more.

And a little charity. Always, a bit of charity. If you can't see yourself donating even a couple bucks now and again - might not be the right group for you. We'll sometimes put out a jar for a worthy cause - most often optional.


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