Building data lakes with AWS Lake Formation

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Data lakes are designed to provide a centralized, secure repository of data that enables broader data sharing across an organization, and the use of a variety of analytic tools. However, there are numerous challenges to building out a data lake that has strong governance and controls in place, and that has the correct elements to prevent the data lake from becoming a data swamp. AWS recently launched Lake Formation, a new service that enables organizations to move, store, catalog, and clean their data faster while centrally defining security and governance and enabling comprehensive auditing. In this session, we review data lake concepts and patterns, and then do a deep-dive into Lake Formation, including looking at the steps required to set up a data lake with Lake Formation and a demo of the comprehensive, column-level security included in Lake Formation.

Gareth Eagar

Gareth has been in the IT industry for over 20 years, during which time he has worked with numerous companies on projects ranging from UNIX consulting to data protection and disaster recovery planning and testing. Most recently, Gareth has been working to help companies with their cloud architecture, with a focus on architecting data lake solutions in AWS.