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We will have another build party and drone tech workshop!

This event is for:

• Newbies who would like to learn how to build their own drone from an inexpensive yet flexible DC Drone User Group Curated Kit! (Available )

• Current users who would like technical support or to connect with other users

• Experts who would like to volunteer and help others and network.

This build workshop will be at Nova Labs due to popular demand!

Stuff to bring for participants (and volunteers)

• Please bring $20 to donate to Nova Labs. Water, sodas, and drinks are included in the $20, and your contribution online (e.g. if you have donated through the group buy) does count towards the $20! If you want, you can drop your $20 donation in the lobby safe at Nova Labs; make sure to include a note that it is for the "Drone Build Workshop[masked]". Nova Labs has been very generous to host events, allow us to use their facilities and tools, and integrate the drone community with the maker community.

• Tools: Bring any hobby tools you can, particularly a soldering iron, 2mm hex screwdriver, 8mm hex socket driver (or wrench). Almost all the drone stuff uses metric, so consider getting a driver and socket set if you don't have one already.

• Batteries - 8x AA batteries for your transmitter if you purchased a DEVO or FrSky. I recommend rechargeable NIMH batteries like Sanyo Eneloop (my favorite brand of AA rechargables) or Tenergy (cheap but reliable AA's you can get from Amazon). If you use NIMH batteries you can charge the transmitter through the charging port on the side. If you want better battery life, you can swap those AA's out for a LiPo; but you will need to charge LiPos with a real lipo charger.

• Laptop running Windows or Mac (Linux might be supported too). It's gotta have USB ports. It will be used to flash firmware on your drone, configure it, and also for looking up instructions and stuff. Very important.

• MicroUSB cable (A male to Micro B, like the kind you'd use to charge and sync most smartphones these days.)

• (optional) Storage containers for carrying your stuff. I suggest a large $5 Sterlite or Rubbermaid bin for drone parts, and a small organizer case for screws, or you can also find fancier tool cases and stuff at Home Depot in the $15-20 range which are more rugged, have handles, and lots of compartments.

• (optional) Prop balancer. You can find them at hobby stores, and also online at HobbyKing,, etc.

• (optional) Snacks and drinks to share. You don't have to, but the event lasts all day, so you might get hungry or thirsty.

NOTE: DO NOT PARK IN FRONT OF NOVA LABS if you can help it, try to park across the street at the Park & Ride. It's cold outside, but there is limited parking in front of Nova Labs so please be courteous.