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Join SPLC to spread a positvie LGBT message!

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Later this month, some of the nation’s most prominent anti-LGBT hate group leaders will gather in Washington, D.C. at the Values Voter Summit, a political conference bringing together some of the most extreme groups on the right.

Where the SPLC lives and works in the Deep South, “y’all” is a regular part of our vernacular. And we believe all y’all are entitled to equality under the law. Y’all means all.

This year, we want to show the event’s organizers and attendees that bigotry will not be accepted.

We will be in D.C. Thursday through Saturday (Sept. 13-15) and need your help on the ground to spread a positive message of inclusion in the Woodley Park and Adams Morgan neighborhoods. Help us convey to the event’s organizers and attendees that Washington, D.C. — and America — stands strong with the LGBT community.

Sept. 13 and 14: We are setting up time with allies like you to drop off some of our Y’all Means All buttons and signs for you to share with your staff, family and friends. Is there a good time we could stop by?

Sept 15: We are gathering our supporters at 10 a.m. at Walter Pierce Park in Woodley Park to help us canvass the Woodley Park and Adams Morgan neighborhoods. We are handing out lawn and window signs to neighbors, helping them take a stance against the bigotry holding court in their neighborhood at the end of September. We’d love for you to join us, either as an organization or individually.

If you’re able to help out on the ground on Sept. 15, let us know you’re coming.

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