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Besouro (The Assailant) (2009, 95 min), by João Daniel Tikhomiroff – is based on the real life Capoeira Master, Manuel Henrique Pereira (aka Besouro Mangangá). In 1920s Brazil, blacks are treated as slaves and forbidden from engaging in their cultural practices, such as the traditional martial art of Capoeira. When the leader of their resistance movement is murdered, Besouro takes up the fight, using his mastery of Capoeira and the supernatural abilities given to him by ancient African deities, to become an untouchable mystic, freedom fighter, and symbol of revolt.


  • Dunori V. P.

    The film was great as well as Mr. Browder's words at the end of the event.

    3 years ago
  • Precious

    I missed meeting up with the group and missed the outfit change, but it was an excellent film! Thanks for organizing!

    3 years ago
  • Khalil s.

    One more comment...

    The title of the film "Besouro", actually translates as beetle from Portuguese to English. And as folks will see from one of the early scenes, the metaphor of the beetle, an insect that flies although it looks like it shouldn't be able to fly factors in the film.

    I don't know why here it's translated as the "Assailant".

    3 years ago