DC Digital Analytics Thursday

This is a past event

55 people went


DC Digital Analytics Thursday will bring together digital analytics professionals for an evening of talks and discussions specific to our craft. Join us for beer, pizza, and a healthy topping of data.

Hosted by Blue State Digital (http://www.bluestatedigital.com/) and Viget (http://viget.com/), we’ll have happy hour from 6:30 - 7, then an hour of presentations and discussion. We’re currently slated for talks about data visualization, testing culture, and tag management. Want to give a talk, too? Submit your idea here to be considered for our panel of speakers (http://goo.gl/Oqm9OO).

Please email paul.koch \at\ viget \dot\ com with any questions. Hope to see you there!


"Make Better Visuals (and Save Ink while You're at It)" by Mitch Daniels (http://viget.com/about/team/mdaniels), Viget

Don't just tell clients about their data -- show them. A well-designed visual can present a more clear and compelling story than boring old words. Learn how to up your visuals game to make your reporting more engaging and effective.

"Creating a Culture of Testing: How to Get Everyone to Contribute Testing Ideas" by Albert Wavering (http://www.albertwavering.com/), Blue State Digital

Testing culture doesn’t maintain itself -- so how can you encourage everyone on your team to contribute to the process of testing and optimizing sites?

"Google Tag Manager for Fun and Profit: Effective Practices" by Paul Koch (http://viget.com/about/team/pkoch), Viget

Google Tag Manager just turned one-and-a-half years old. As an agency, Viget has now implemented the tool on dozens of sites -- so what have we learned? We’ll discuss the processes for managing and sharing best practices; common issues we’ve identified; and ways we’re continuing to evolve.