DC Digital Analytics Thursday


DC Digital Analytics Thursday will bring together digital analytics professionals for an evening of talks and discussions specific to our craft. Join us for beer, pizza, and a healthy topping of data.

Hosted by Blue State Digital (http://www.bluestatedigital.com/) and Viget (http://viget.com/), we’ll have happy hour from 6:30 - 7, then an hour of presentations and discussion. We’re currently slated for talks about data visualization, testing culture, and tag management. Want to give a talk, too? Submit your idea here to be considered for our panel of speakers (http://goo.gl/Oqm9OO).

Please email paul.koch \at\ viget \dot\ com with any questions. Hope to see you there!


"Make Better Visuals (and Save Ink while You're at It)" by Mitch Daniels (http://viget.com/about/team/mdaniels), Viget

Don't just tell clients about their data -- show them. A well-designed visual can present a more clear and compelling story than boring old words. Learn how to up your visuals game to make your reporting more engaging and effective.

"Creating a Culture of Testing: How to Get Everyone to Contribute Testing Ideas" by Albert Wavering (http://www.albertwavering.com/), Blue State Digital

Testing culture doesn’t maintain itself -- so how can you encourage everyone on your team to contribute to the process of testing and optimizing sites?

"Google Tag Manager for Fun and Profit: Effective Practices" by Paul Koch (http://viget.com/about/team/pkoch), Viget

Google Tag Manager just turned one-and-a-half years old. As an agency, Viget has now implemented the tool on dozens of sites -- so what have we learned? We’ll discuss the processes for managing and sharing best practices; common issues we’ve identified; and ways we’re continuing to evolve.