Bi-weekly shut up and write (SUAW) session and accountability check in!

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Hi all,
Here is what we will do in our bi-weekly sessions. 1) Shut up and Write! (SUAW)
• Meet up with others in a café, library, co-working space or other venue at a regular, pre-arranged time, and write. The idea is to make the act of writing fun and relaxing. No critiquing, exercises, lectures, ego, competition or feeling guilty.
• Use the Pomodoro Technique. A pomodoro is a timed, 25-minute stretch of focused, silent concentration (writing). Typically, five-minute breaks are taken between each pomodoro, and a longer (e.g. 15 min) break is taken after four rounds of this. During breaks, the group can drink hot beverages, chat, eat, etc. Known to maximize productivity.
• Have one person willing to act as “Pomodoro chief” who will do time calls (there are many free Pomodoro apps which you can use to keep time).
• Work on anything, so long as it’s work — transcription, analysis, reading, organizing your notes. The only rule is to be silent when everyone else is.

2) Goal setting and accountability check-in
• At the beginning of the meetup*, discuss (5-7 minutes per person in 4-5 person groups): Did you meet your stated goal(s) from last time? What went well since the last meeting? What did you accomplish? (Give kudos.) What didn’t go so well? What will you do differently in the coming week/two weeks? What problems, if any, have you encountered that are affecting your progress (e.g., with a part of the dissertation itself, a relationship problem that has arisen in conjunction to your dissertation work, and/or a problem with your committee, etc.)? How are you doing?/emotional check in (if desired) • At the end of the meetup (5-7 minutes per person in 4-5 person groups): Each person states one goal to be met by the next session. Can enter this into shared google doc or use Slack (Calvin to add group members to this). Discuss: What obstacles might keep you from meeting that goal? How will you address those obstacles? How will you reward yourself for meeting your goals? Are there (simple) ways the group can give you support? E.g. send me an email or text.

To sign up to bring a snack for the group to share (cookies, fruit, etc.) for this or a future meeting, click here:

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