What we're about

This group is to foster community and create powerful dialogue about wellness, self-care, and weight loss.

We will meet on a regular basis for a facilitated discussion about such rich topics as, creating self-care routines, losing and maintaining weight, the psychology of food and eating, yo-yo dieting, body image, habit change, movement, exercise, mind-body connection, stress reduction, and life balance. As a member of this group you will give and receive support with any and every wellness related topic from binge eating and emotional eating to personal growth to mindfulness and meditation.

Everywhere you look you see and hear messages about what to eat, how to exercise and what you need to buy to be healthy. In this meet up group we go deeper than that. We talk about why the way you eat can be just as important as what you eat, we talk about why we exercise and find inspiration to do so. We get real about the struggles of self-care, weight loss and wellness and we discuss alternative approaches to mastering your attitude, actions and beliefs so you can step into the person you know you can be. Here we create the discussions and collaborative learning that your body and mind are craving and are hard to find anywhere else.

In this culture we are constantly told that we must be fit, sexy, healthy, vibrant, and happy to have value to society. Meanwhile no one is teach us how to be those things. No one is teaching us as we grow up how to live a healthy life, how to create happiness, how to be in relationship with others in an empowered way. We are taught reading, writing and arithmetic but we aren't delivered the tools to live a life where any of that matters. Stepping into self-care is stepping into power.

I created this group because I want a way for people who truly want to live a healthier and happier life to come together and learn from each other. I also love to teach and facilitate discussion of groups and this is a way for me to serve the community through my passions. As a man who grew up obese and never learned the value of self care I know first hand how hard it can be to create real sustainable lifestyle change. At age 24 I was 340 pounds and believed that I would die in my 40s.


Now having lost over 160 pounds and kept it off, one of my greatest passions is helping others step up into wellness, weight loss and self-care. This is why I created a wellness coaching practice and have committed my life's mission to helping others.

During our meet ups we will create connection and community. We will co-create a safe space to share where you are on your journey with wellness, self-care or weight and where you still want to go. We will foster acceptance, empowerment, inquiry, self-exploration, and mutual respect for each other, while we learn and grow together. There will be a short teaching piece that I will create for each session, followed by a discussion on that topic. There will be space for open forum so you can discuss whatever is on your mind and an opportunity for open coaching for those that wish to go a bit deeper.

Sign up and help to create a community of people who want to understand and move into the personal power that can be felt when we learn to take greater care of ourselves in the DC Metro Area.

With Gratitude,

Joe Bernstein

Certified Eating Psychology Coach

P.S. You can learn more about my experiences and philosophy on dropthearmor.com (http://www.dropthearmor.com)

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