Afternoon French Conversation in Metropolitan DC
Afternoon French Conversation in Metropolitan DC
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Enjoy a 3-course meal which you prepared yourself. Discover the art and traditions of French cuisine while practicing French. Learn about traditional recipes through demonstrations and hands-on experience. After preparing the food you will be able to enjoy the delicious creations together with your classmates. Chef Vincenzo, who has worked for different French Restaurants, will be our instructor. Come learn in a relaxed environment and make new friends!


Show up, meet our instructor, and enjoy a demonstration of traditional recipes. Learn how to prepare, cook and then taste the food with your classmates. The class will be conducted in French and English. Menu for June 19, 2012: Ratatouille Provencale, Salade d'endives aux pommes et noix, and Mousse au chocolat. The current lesson is $35.00. Prices in the future will vary depending on the menu. Please RSVP and pay online. Bring your own favorite drink. Some recipes may contain allergens, please let us know if you have any food allergies.