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Le Morte d’Arthur
At this meeting we will discuss historical and literary background on Sir Thomas Malory, Le Morte d’Arthur, and Arthurian legend before discussing the text in the following weeks. The schedule below is for the first three weeks. It lists the Winchester manuscript title first and the Vinaver title second. 8/1 Book I. How Uther Pendragon.../ Merlin 8/15 Book I The Tale of Balyn...and The Weddyng of King Arthur/ Balin le Sauvage...and The Wedding of King Arthur 8/22 Book I Aftir Thes Questis/ The Death of Merlin, Arthur and Accolon, and Gawain... 8/29 Books II-III Kynge Arthure and Lucius and Sir Launcelot 9/19 Book. IV. Sir Gareth of Orkney and Sir Trystram (approximately first 34 pages) 9/26. Sir Trystram-through Trystram’s Madness and Exile, page 315 in the Norton, approximately the next 53 pages in other editions. 10/3. Sir Tristram-up to page 315 in the Norton, through Book IX in the other editions. 10/10. Sir Tristram-up to page 378 in the Norton, through Book X, section 31 in the other editions. 10/17. Sir Tristram-up to page 420 in the Norton, through Book X, section 60 in the other editions. 11/7. Rest of Sir Tristram, up to page 495 in the Norton, through Book 12, section 12 in the other editions. 11/14. Holy Grail, up to page 544 in the Norton, through Book 16, section 5 in the other editions. 11/28. Holy Grail, up to page 587 in the Norton, through Book 17, section 23 in the other editions.

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