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MEET RECOVERY: Reduce Soreness, Increase Flexibility, and Tone Muscle Strength
This combination of calisthenics, yoga, mobility, core, and suspension will challenge everyone from the beginner to the more advanced practitioner. This class offers both strength and flexibility work, as well as targeted movements for the upper body, core, and legs. By the time the one session is over, you will have a full body workout to set your day! OUR CLASS TIMES: 8:00 AM Saturdays Other physical benefits of yoga, mobility, and suspension include: 1. Increased flexibility. 2. Increased muscle strength and tone. 3. Improved respiration, energy and vitality. 4. Maintaining a balanced metabolism. 5. Weight reduction. 6. Cardio and circulatory health. 7. Improved athletic performance. 8. Protection from injury. *Class Session Funded at *Tools/Equipment used include Yoga Mats, Foam Roller, Lacross Ball. * Need Equipment? We Have Them or Bring Your Own. *Childcare not Provided Leap Forward, DC JAMES FITNESS TEAM More Resources: ▶︎YOUTUBE: ▶︎SMART APP: ▶︎ONLINE GYM: ▶︎OFFLINE GYM: ▶︎MEAL PLANS: ▶︎NEWSLETTER: ▶︎COACH PHONE:[masked] ▶︎SKYPE: james.deandre.cole

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