DCJS[64] - Linting your XSS Troubles Away by Olivia Brundage

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Cross-site scripting (XSS) is one of the most popular, and potentially most damaging, client-side attack vector - and it's one of the easiest to prevent. XSS happens because data isn't properly validated and sanitized. As it turns out, especially with JavaScript, the correct design pattern in handling any sort of data can be checked to prevent XSS attacks.

Within this talk, Olivia will show you various demos of XSS attacks (like DOM-based and reflected) and introduce you to tools that can help you combat and prevent this vulnerability from happening through the use of an eslint plugin. Don't use eslint plugin? That's fine! She'll go over different tools that do the job.

She'll also demonstrate how Mapbox implemented this tool into their code pipeline, so that you can be confident, like they are, in deploying XSS free code.

Olivia is a Security Engineer at Mapbox where she secures and maintains availability on their cloud infrastructure. She write mostly JavaScript these days, is a big videogame nerd, and has two adorable cats. She also holds (controversial as it is) that Star Trek is better than Star Wars.



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