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dcjq[21] Diving into D3 for charts, maps, and web pages

Hosted by Asa B.

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Join Tom MacWright, engineer at MapBox, as he explains and discusses d3, a flexible, powerful library for data-driven documents. He'll go over the differences between d3 and jQuery, how they get along, and where they overlap, as well as share experiences using d3 for maps and data analysis.


  • Former member

    Former member

    Thanks for the feedback - it's tricky to tailor this kind of talk for multiple levels of experience, but you're right that I should have taken this a lot slower.

    5 years ago
  • Theo

    The presentation was done so quickly, with little to no explanation, and no clear focus that I was getting a headache watching the slides scroll quickly from one to the next. I am not an absolute beginner with D3 but I wanted to learn more about some of the more intermediate language constructs. I didn't ask because I felt that everyone else was on a level so far above me that my questions would have seemed ... elementary. The only thing I learned from this presentation was the URL to a few good tools - such as,, and jsperf. I'm glad I only spent $5 in parking. The presentation ended at 8pm but the room was available until 9pm. He had so much more time to slow down and explain code.

    5 years ago
  • B K.

    Best dcjq I've ever been to - this was a great intro/survey to D3. Thanks for an awesome presentation, Tom. One cool thing I saw that wasn't mentioned yet was this: .

    5 years ago