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Meet local (and maybe even national and international!) Kiteboarding Enthusiasts; meet, plan and enjoy kiteboarding events and activities; exchange tips and tricks; and help maintain local kiteboarding spots.

And, for those of you out there with a love of water sports in general (water skiing, windsurfing, or even just frollicking), we can quench that thirst!

Day and weekend trips to exotic locations like - North Carolina, Jersey Shore, Maryland, Delaware, VA Beach and more!

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Looks like this weekend the wind could be favorable. Has it been this long? I am a newbie and looking for new KBs to flail with that have had previous KB instructions and need to get out and practice. Schols have started already and this could be a sucky weekend with the holiday so lets keep it tentative.....and for the following week!

Anybody willing to talk to a total beginner? 0 experience

Hi! I'm from the Newport, RI area, but I've been living in DC for ages. I've wanted to get into the sport since I was a kid living by the beach in RI, but I never made the jump. Would anybody be willing to meet up with me to fill me in on how to get started? Assume I know nothing. Hoping to get out there in the next few months. Thanks!

Kite the bay on Sat 6/3
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Matapeake State Park

Hey all, I don't know any other kiteboarders in the area so I'm hoping to meet some folks to go with. I'm a beginner just off an OBX bootcamp, but I'm successfully staying upwind. I guess I know enough to be dangerous. As of now (a ways out I know) forecast looks good for the early morning on Saturday. Anyone interested in joining? Proposing Matapeake but could swap out for wherever is most appropriate based on wind, assuming we have enough.

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kiting on 9/2

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