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Real Estate has always been the IDEAL Investment. Join us and learn how I have purchased over 600 cash flowing single family homes over the last 20 years. We do more than just network and exchange business cards. We are proud to say we create successful real estate investors. We provide you with all of the training and tools you need to be a successful real estate investor. The only thing we can't provide is action. You must take that and we are here to help you when you do.

We meet every 1st Thursday of the month, from 7 pm until about 9 pm, in the Tysons Corner area. And admission is FREE! I look forward to meeting everyone personally.

Joe Arlt, Organizer

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Online Event - Marketing Secrets to Find the Motivated Sellers!

We invite you to our June Online Real Estate Club Event, where our topic is "Marketing Secrets to Find The Motivated Sellers." You can be the best Negotiator in the world, and know every real estate technique ever invented. But if you don't have any Deals to negotiate, what have you got? NOTHING! You need DEALS to be a real estate investor. And to get Deals, you need LEADS. How do you get Leads? MARKETING!!! The business of being a Real Estate Investor is the business of Finding Deals. Therefore, 85% of your Time and Money needs to be spent on Marketing! Join us for our next REIA Event, where we’ll go over the secrets to Marketing. Assistant Organizer Jamie Cook is an expert at Facebook and other Social Media marketing strategies. She'll teach you the most effective Marketing techniques, whether you're targeting Sellers or Buyers. Jamie and I have done over 1500 Deals between us. So we know Marketing! You'll want to learn all of our Secrets. Joe Arlt, Organizer

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