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What we're about

Live streaming marries the rich detail of video, with the timeliness of real-time transmission, to form new connections between people.

It's a platform for viewers to stay up-to-date, engaged, involved and better connected with you, as the broadcaster.

While it’s true that video games make up a huge portion of live streaming, it doesn’t mean that it’s only for video game players.

Professionals of all ages are watching and creating live-streaming videos, to build stronger communal bonds with their audiences.

Viewers participate because the knowledge, charisma and authenticity of a person/or brand is best experienced when watching them live and in-person. This is the natural evolution to static video content.

DC Metro Live Streamers is a community of people who have embraced live streaming as the next system of engagement for digital audiences.

If you want to start taking advantage of this incredible and active user group, join us at the next meetup - we could use your perspective.

Who we are here for:

This meetup is for marketers, entrepreneurs and freelancers to come together and share their experiences and best practices in both audience development and audience acquisition using live streaming.

How are sessions organized:

Meetups are scheduled on the second Tuesday of every month @ 5pm.

Socializing + light food - 30 minutes
3-4 community presentations - each running a strick 15 minutes long.
15 - minutes general discussion, closing

Where do I sign up as a community presenter:
metrostreamers@gmail.com - drop us a line here and we'll work with you over email to schedule a date.

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