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The Women's International League for Peace & Freedom (WILPF) connects human rights and economic justice to the roots of war. WILPF is a national and international organization of progressive women founded in 1915 by Jane Addams in an attempt to stop World War I. With sections in many continents and the US, WILPF offers solidarity and empowerment to progressive women activists looking for a non-partisan center for their activism. Today we work on peace, nuclear disarmament, human rights, economic justice and environmental issues. We create solidarity, sisterhood and use our experience to create a visible face for progressive women to plan strategies together that can change the system. Find us at www.wilpfus.org.

We are working to start a branch of WILPF in Washington, DC. Consider joining us at our upcoming meetings. This new branch will work on issues of concern to those who live in the DC metro area, as well as WILPF US and International issues. Come join activist women and men who want to make a difference and continue the 100+ year legacy of WILPF.

Past events (2)

2019 Women's March

Freedom Plaza

Founding Meeting of DC Metro WILPF

Friends Meeting House (Use Entrance/Door on Decatur Place)

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