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Design and Develop Android Apps & Games for Google TV - Learn from the Experts

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It's not mobile, it's TV, the next big screen. that runs the same apps. Over 700,000+ apps available for the two most popular device OS platforms, iOS and Android, wow - a lot of competition. Most developed for smart phones, quite a few for tablets. How many for TV? Not too many, YET. Television app development, although in it's infancy, is about to explode - thanks to Google TV (2.0).

This is the chance for developers, designers, entrepreneurs, startups and others to get in at the ground floor of an emerging platform, again - where almost anything is possible.

This is a chance to use native and cross platform development tools to build apps on the proven, ever evolving Android platform.

JDI will be joining with DC Droids and Google who is hosting an event to introduce and discuss Google TV, which brings the Android open apps platform to the big screen. this is an opportunity to hear directly from Google developer advocates/engineers Paul Carff and Les Vogel.

Be in the right place, at the right time with your, the worlds next big app/platform solution. Instagram, Rovio and others in the past saw the market for mobile, the need - developed a solution - made a killing - set precedence - and established a long lasting brand.


6.30pm - Arrival, Pizza, Drinks, Network

7.00pm - Welcome, Announcements

7.15pm - Presentation Starts

8.15pm - Q&A

8.30pm - Adjournment


Paul Carff: Paul is a Developer Advocate for the Google TV Platform, and is currently engaging with partners to develop applications and Video Sitemaps (improving Video search and discovery). He recently had some fun building the KegDroid. At Google, he has managed a number of internal technical support teams, the Google Analytics Support, and developed data warehousing solutions enabling Google's Sales and Support teams to scale. Before working at Google, Paul was a career Naval Officer working his way from the enlisted to the officer ranks. Specialties: Video Sitemaps, Google TV, Android

Les Vogel: Les is a Staff Developer Programs Engineer for Google TV. He works closely with Google TV developers, writing sample code and helping them understand how to bring rich, compelling apps to the Google TV Android marketplace. As an eclectic developer, Les has worked on at all levels including hardware drivers, neural networks, accounting and databases for small businesses, solar energy systems, spreadsheets, image processing, electrical power systems monitoring and very smart websites. He's found that making things fast is an exponential benefit for users - faster things often have greater battery life and it tends to delight users, even if they don't understand why. Visible projects: AirPort wireless networking, helped drive the Core99 chipset through the Apple product line; the Newton printed handwriting recognizer; Full Impact spreadsheet engine for Ashton Tate; distributed multi-processor OS for Motorola (Computer cX); a flood management telemetry system and monitoring of solar housing for the TVA; a fail-safe system for Boeing Energy Systems.Specialties: Google TV for Android

TV, your way - interactive and on-Demand - with more choices of content, multimedia and for the first time - streamed console quality gaming.

2 Cents

Each current device platform - smart phone, tablet, and now TV has and will have a defined niche based on use cases and out of necessity and convenience. Smart phones have definitely taken off because people are becoming even more mobile. Tablets, finally, are hitting their stride, now thanks to the successful design, and marketing of Apple's iPad. TV is the next frontier for app development, and from new, unique platform solutions will emerge.

Gaming is not the only platform for 3rd party TV development now. It's a new market, a new opportunity for developers, designers, startups and entrepreneurs to break in - with little resistance from the cable/satellite carriers, TV networks, and now - online media and content providers.

Connected TV is here folks, and now, to develop apps, it does not require proprietary tools or hardware even. Android is an open system which now has migrated to the big screen. New hardware in the form of set top boxes, integrated TVs and other device platforms are being introduced.

For apps, there are many design and development models to pursue including dedicated and second screen, the use of a tablet or mobile device to allow your users to interact with the content they are consuming such as TV shows, movies, music, or video games. In a recent study it was determined that up to 85% of iPad owners, use the device in front of the TV.

Take advantage of the always increasing social, audio, video, games communications and other content/media that is available - most via APIs. Branch off and bring new, unique apps - including productivity solutions to the big screen.

You also have the opportunity to be a content/multimedia or service provider. TV, especially if it is interactive, is a marketers dream. If done right, this could be an opportunity to create a more effective way to deliver advertisements - in a new more relevant, appealing fashion. TV is the right platform for this because it's proven, and expected for this type of content.

Got an app developed already, port it to Android. Got an Android app already, tweak it to work on the big screen. Want to develop an Android app for Google TV, go native with their SDK or cross platform toolkits so that your same app can easily be ported to other mobile, tablet or TV platforms.

As meetup organizers, it is our tacit responsibility to maintain a sense of congeniality and not be biased. But occasionally, I must take a deviate from that precept to best assist our members. That is and always will be paramount with JDI's over all mission.

As a consumer, I am one of Apple's biggest fans, but like most I want better, more immersive and interactive TV, and I want it now. I want more choices for content, on-demand and I want robust Apps. Some of the same apps that I use on my mobile and tablet devices, I expect and want on TV.

TV is a big problem to negotiate as a consumer, but even more so as a cable/satellite carrier, network, content provider - and now the developer. TV is naturally fragmented with semi to un-compatible, proprietary devices, OSs and software. Google TV may be the beginning of a solution to this ever expanding river of devices, content, media and choices. This may be an opportunity for you to play a role, and help define a new platform, connected TV.

Apple took the lead on the emerging smart phone and tablet markets which helped define how consumers and, now, businesses leverage these amazing devices for work and play. Now Google has taken the initiative with their 2nd iteration of a connected TV solution.

Google TV is Android. Same core so you can develop responsive, adaptive apps that will just work on mobile, tablet and TV devices, regardless of orientation and configuration.

Think Different, don't wait for Apple and others to finally come around for you to seize the day with a compelling app, platform, media and/or content solution. (Keep in Mind, I do love Apple, but not complacency or arrogance)


JDI, along with our event partners MoDEVDC, DC Droids, Google Technology and Developer Group and others will be offering more sessions covering existing and emerging technologies such as GoogleTV. Each meetup group will naturally take the initiative from time to time with presenters and content based on their respective missions. Expect more, sooner than later - this is only the beginning.