NLP Hacks: Joint Meetup with Hack&&Tell

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DC NLP and Hack&&Tell are at the same time again this month - because we're getting together for a joint meetup!

Let's try out the Hack&&Tell format and meet more of their great members interested in text processing. This October, we're looking for presenters, speakers, and hackers for anything related to human language, whether text, audio, videos of sign language, etc... show us what you’ve got! (remember: no startup pitches, dull work projects, or deckware). The format is informal, engaging, and friendly: presenters have *5* minutes to show off their hack (it goes faster than you’d expect) and then the audience has 5 minutes to ask questions, make jokes, and suggest ideas and feedback.

Presentation signups are below:

Need an idea? Here are some talks we'd like to see at H&&T NLP:

+ Political twitter bots, bonus points if they pass the Turing test and fight w/real people!+ the weirdest take on a Turing test that you can come up with

+ Haiku!

+ Automated assistant hacks, or how I got Cortana to break up with me+ Pen-testing ("real" hacking!) with deep learning NLP

+ Linguistic analysis of everyone's favorite anti-blog gawker

+ Voice activation hacks, like getting Alexa to order a pizza when my dog barks or find the nearest polling place+ generating text based on your own email history (can you simulate yourself? your friends?)

+ unsupervised email classification (separate into personal, work, whatever)

+ recruit-bot: a bot that corresponds with recruiters for arbitrarily long exchanges (Q-learning on real people?)

+ multi-scale generative text (character + word??? + more?)

+ sentiment analysis for your work emails. Maybe don't read some of them right away.

+ baby names, learned from pictures of other people's babies and their names

+ generate hack and tell ideas?!

Does it have to be related to human language? No, but if the speaking slots fill up, we will try to give priority to NLP this month.

See you at the meetup, at WeWork Chinatown. This month we are starting at 6:30 with pizza and the talks will begin at 7:00. DC NLPers, be a little earlier than usual. Big thanks to WeWork for hosting us!