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RT's Non-Canon Star Wars II

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"Simple" D20 version SW game with some mods for ships, droids, and Force usage. This is not canon and is set about 300 years plus after EP6. The universe, Force System, monetary system, languages, etc are all custom.

So last week the group regained some senses and started to explore the ship. Didn't expect that. So while exploring the ship they discovered not one, not two, but four Force presences on the ship. Like moths to light, two of the party members go forth and explore to find them. Can you guess which ones? Anyhow what they find are three small boxes and a large cylindrical object. The three small objects turn out to be holocrons, well two of them do and we will never know the third but I digress. The large object was a containment unit. Well needless to say a mini epic battle bursts forth and we now have two less characters. "Over 9000" springs to mind here...

So, the new twist involves trying to sort out the new arrival, the loss of an ancient ship and trying to find a way off the forsaken rock. Will it ever end???


So for the group, this week it is important to RSVP. There is a waiting list for those trying to join and I can only host 8 players. So please RSVP as soon as you can. Call, comment or message me with any questions...

"Sha ma ka sin ja ra" - Braille

So this week, who knows what is next...

So hope to see you there...we have a full group (and then some) and the story is always changing based on character actions.