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There's a New Sheriff in Sector...

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Mechanics Summary:
A mid-power semi-diceless narrative-heavy game set in a modified 40K universe. Uses elements from Warhammer Fantasy RPG, Dark Heresy, Dresden, Mouse Guard, Sufficiently Advanced, Riddle of Steel, and miscellaneous other systems.

Story: Your boss, a Malleus Inquisitor, has delegated responsibility of several systems to you, her loyal and proven retainers. First session will be a coffeehouse meetup to collaboratively build the characters and their domain.

Warning: We'll be playing in what we've dubbed 'Real 40K', a universe worked out in painful detail by a bunch of wonks from RPI (primarily your GM and her even-nerdier fiancée) from ship construction to logistics to regulation of currency. It will be neither 'grim dark with extra spikes on top' or 'an ork, lol'. I'm willing to be a little bit prickly in my description because I already have a player group - this is to find new friends. :)

Health Warning: I have a dog and a cat, please do not be allergic.

Enticement: I like to bake. Also, my cat is very snuggly.

Logistics: Ashburn, VA