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May Meeting: Shaun Farrell on Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)

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Everyone talks about the pie-in-the-sky goal of having a 100% service oriented architecture for their organization. Not many are actually able to reach that elusive goal. Usually they start off strong and then find it’s just simpler to get to 75% and not worry about the trickier interactions with their services. How important is it really to avoid hard-coding that drop-down menu? It may not seem like a big deal now...but you’ve got to think of all the possible changes you might ever need or want to make to that menu. As a co-founder of PintLabs our team has completely SOA’ed our infrastructure and will share why and how we did it, the benefits of perseverance in the face of pesky drop-down menus, horror stories, and some tips and tricks for being successful.

Shaun Farrell is a software developer at Hickory Ground Solutions and co-founder of PintLabs L.L.C. He has experience in multiple languages, technologies and contributes to multiple Open Source projects. While not in front of a computer Shaun enjoys drinking a craft beer and running.