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Arduino and Electronics Workshop (Part 1)

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This is the workshop you've been waiting for! Join fellow member Glenn Mossy as he introduces the popular Arduino microcontroller and how to use it to build and program your very own robot. The example used in the workshop will be an InsectBot. This workshop is split into two sessions, with the first (this one) providing more instruction and hands-on guidance, while the second (the following week on Dec. 10, separate RSVP) reviews Part 1 material and centers around a build session with a recommended robotics starter kit. Please place your order for the kit by Nov 26th (Tuesday) and I will be able to get the kit to you on at the part1 Meetup Dec 3rd and you will be able to get starting experimenting and get help. You will get a kit that lets you do either hundreds of experiments plus has sensor and servo that enable you to also build an insect bot at the workshop in part2. It's a good deal because I'll get some volume discount and save you shipping cost. Click on the red link below into order the kit via your paypal account:

• Arduino Robotics Starter Kit (

I have added a servo so you get 2 Servos and one HC-SR04 Ultrasonic distance sensor that you don't get with the standard kits. This kit enables you to make an Insectbot or a 2 servo robot with distance, a Rangefinder display or a camera PTZ, and hundreds of other things that you can dream up. Here's a link to whats in the kit: List of Components (

NOTE: Please please please only RSVP if you are 100% sure you can attend. Space is limited. If your plans change, kindly un-RSVP. Also, if you can't attend and want a kit, place the order and I will ship the kit to you for the small shipping fee.

Part 1 (RSVP to this event to attend): Glenn will provide an informative lesson Introduction to Arduino in an interactive format for you to gain an understanding of the components, pin functions, protoboards and shields, inputs, outputs, tips, tricks, and programming the Arduino, and How to get started building your own bot using an insectbot as an example. Following will be an open discussion regarding your robot design and any questions. Bring your laptop to get started with your Arduino Robotics kit.

Part 2 (RSVP to the Part 2 event ( to attend): Workshop and open discussion regarding your robot design. We are finalizing plans for a starter kit for which you can purchase by clicking the link above. Please use the a link above to purchase a kit that will include an Arduino UNO, and motors, sensors and lights that will enable you to build your own Insectbot or experiment with one of hundreds of other projects during the workshop. Deadline to place an order prior to Dec 2nd for the Part2 workshop, and I will be able to bring your kit plus any extra materials for you at the Dec 10th workshop. Bring your laptop to get started with your Arduino Robotics kit.

A little info about your excellent instructor: Glenn Mossy has forty years of taking things apart and building new things, with a special interest in all things robotics. In his home hackerspace, Glenn currently is building a number of arduino based shields for robotics and enjoys introducing others to the fun of electronics. Thirty years ago he gave his first presentation on motor-control for robotics at a conference with the International Association of Science and Technology for Development (IASTED). Glenn holds a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University(1986). Visit him and read his blog at (