Live Stream of Nine Levels of Agile Hell by David Fogel and David Bujard

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This is a live stream of David Fogel and David Bujard's presentation on "Nine Levels of Agile Hell"

The YouTube link can be found here:

The live stream will begin at 6:15 to make sure we have a good connection but will remain on mute until we begin with announcements at 6:30. The presentation will begin at approximately 6:40.

Please note: If there are any issues with the feed, please monitor the comments of this event for a new YouTube link.

Government Agile transformations can feel like overwhelming efforts – but do not abandon hope! This interactive, audience-driven presentation reviews how government and large organizations escape common Agile adoption challenges.

You - the audience - will prioritize your pain points; we’ll focus on the six Agile hells most highly prioritized. We will discuss real examples of “escaping” out of each Agile hell, with pro tips and success patterns you can apply.

The Agile hells we have navigated include:
* No Transformation hell - A federal program or department wants to change but can’t start or can’t finish
* Too Fast hell - Newly Agile federal programs sometimes respond TOO rapidly, too often changing priorities.
* Technical hell - Programs can become bogged down in technical debt and manual processes.
* No Trust hell - Government delivery can be slowed by lack of trust between contractors and feds, between business and IT, or between compliance and delivery groups.
* Product Owners hell - Government Product Owners can be unavailable, think they are managers, aren’t empowered to provide vision, or struggle with prioritization
* Too Big hell- A frequent pattern in federal Agile! Large batches produce slow progress, low visibility and high complexity, seen in big programs, big deployments, and big contracts.
* Collaboration hell - Government teams can struggle with collaboration within the same organization across roles and across the fed-contractor divide.
* Stove-piped hell - Government organizations can struggle to collaborate across contractual or organizational boundaries within the same enterprise
* Leadership hell - An organization can only be as agile as its leadership. In the government, how can you work with leaders who aren't ready to be agile?

For each Agile hell, we focus on successful techniques to escape from these common dynamics. Unlike other presentations, we won't be doing a deep dive, but we will cover the most important challenges our audience face.

David Bujard is an Agile coach at Blackstone Technology Group, with 16 years of experience with delivering software at USCIS. David has served as a development team lead, scrum master, and enterprise coach.

Outside of work, David volunteered as a lay chaplain for 10 years at Georgetown University, and now organizes community meals for homeless people in his neighborhood.

David Fogel has referred to himself as an Agile enthusiast since 2008. Threaded in Dave’s two decades in IT, he has been a Satellite Communications Operator/Maintainer, Technical Trainer, Criminal Investigator, Nuclear Biological Chemical Safety Officer, Scrum Master, Book Club founder, House Concert Host, Boardgame Geek, SciFi Geek, Process Geek, and a Geek Geek. Dave is currently an Agile Instructor and Federal employee at Defense Acquisition University."