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What we’re about

Please note - while the coronavirus pandemic means we cannot meet in person temporarily, we are still hosting virtual events and our group has an online community on Slack. We strongly believe in the benefits of being an IRL group first and foremost, and we intend to resume our in-person meetups as soon as we can do so safely. In the meantime, please be welcome and welcoming in all of your interactions with us. Stay safe, and we'll see you soon.
We are a group of writers who enjoy imaginative, offbeat, otherworldly, and downright impossible fiction. Our goal is to write well--or at least better--but with the freedom to make mistakes. We are here learn and grow as writers, but also to carve out a space where we can experiment and have fun in a relaxed and supportive environment. 
Speculative fiction--which includes all manner of fantasy, science fiction, supernatural horror, steampunk, dieselpunk, mythpunk (really, all the "-punk"s), dystopian fiction, magical realism, fantastic allegory, urban fantasy, space opera, paranormal romance, and lots of other subgenres--allows writers of fiction an opportunity to envision worlds where social, technological, moral, and scientific realities are radically reimagined.
We tend to be more interested in the storytelling possibilities of speculative fiction than the minutiae of any particular genre (i.e. your preferences are fine, but leave the genre judgement at home).
You can read about the types of meetups we host here.
And here is a handy link to our critique guidelines.
Finally, please familiarize yourself with our anti-harassment policy here.