What we're about

What we are about
Are you working a full-time job and managing life while working towards or pursuing a more significant social impact?
If you are looking to meet other people like you who are managing the nuances of making the earth a better place for all while working full-time, then this community is just for you!
Throughout the summer and into the fall, we’ll be hosting a series of virtual meetups, events, and activities throughout the DMV area that are designed to get you CONNECTED and in COMMUNITY with people that get you and help you grow, share and learn. Network with other social actors, ambitious go-getters and social impact experts who love sharing and learning best practices from a different body of knowledge, sectors, and domains to creating a sustainable social impact yet managing daily challenges of our professions and at the same time dreaming and chasing new social impact paradigm just like you!
In this community, we leverage the support of one another as we "balance while we are building." We are on a mission to ensure no one left behind anywhere, who are; as do what we love, love what we do and have interest in growing in EVERY area of social goods & our lives.
What is unique about our community is that we believe in the larger eco-systems and its interrelationships. We are interested in Global Development 4.0, reframing social impact conversations, and influence social actors to look at the "whole" ecosystem to exploiting crosscutting opportunities beyond the narrow domain of practice. Moreover, challenge the current reductionist mindset and "stovepipes" or “silos” interventions. Unfortunately, many social efforts fall short in the implementation phase due to the inclination towards an activity or project or program-driven social design and implementation approach, not well suited for the reality in complex life scenarios. This, too often results in failure, fragmented, compartmentalized, and unilateral efforts lacking a holistic vision for change. Unfortunately, resources then get depleted mainly into activities-based programs or projects without an unclouded vision for creating social impact for those investments to realize the desired benefits.
We are success driven working professionals who also work, own consulting practices, or want to own a social enterprise or manifest a bigger passion in life; I affectionately call us “Social Actors.”
Our walk is a bit different from some of our peers and friends who prefer business as usual (BAU), love stability, and hate trying new ways or things. In our world, every concept or practices are challengeable or susceptible to change or improvement. However, our goals and priorities are social goods! Our mission is to build a planet in which anyone can proper without jeopardizing the environment. We love to be around who the people and things that matter to us the most while navigating the unique space of working a full-time job in the process.
Come meet new people or reconnect with familiar faces, while you learn and grow towards your vision, careers, and goals...the best part is you will have fun and support while doing it!
Who knows... you may meet your new bestie, form new network, receive powerful practices resources and breakthroughs, find coauthors, share, mentor, or learn and get unstuck and put in motion on ideas you’ve been sitting on or maybe even get your next best idea! In this safe space, you will come together with people that get you as you get “balanced as you build your career and life”!
Meet. Learn. Grow and support others do so!
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