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Diane P.



Washington, DC

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Nov 14, 2015


Married CD with a helpful, understanding, participating wife. We enjoy being out as "girl friends" for shopping, dinner, movies, and frequent travel. Most of all, we both enjoy our CD friends, especially other CD couples who share our interests.

Why are you joining this Group?

For my wife and I to meet other CDs and couples... and to just have tons of fun!!

What attracts you to this Group?

We are looking forward to re-connecting with many of the girls that we have not seen in a while and to meet new people, and to make new friends.

As a Trans Woman, where are you on the continuum: Are you Gender Fluid or Bi-Gender, with both male/female core genders? Or transitioning/living full time as a woman? Are you a cisfemale Ally? (Male allies/admirers aren't admitted as members)?

Cross Dresser

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Are you open to non-trans persons contacting you on this site?