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What we're about

Why: To solve the problem of suffering for yourself and everyone.

How: Four events month, attend the format that works for you.

- What is Buddhism? Orientation for new members. You only need to attend this one once, but feel free to come to the discussion more often.

- Potluck, aka Vegetarian Feat for Bodhisattvas. You don't even need to cook, if you like you can chip in $5 which will go towards a vegetarian charity. This will be held at my or a member's home. If there is a suitable vegan restaurant, we might go to a restaurant instead.

- Bookclub, aka Reading the Dharma. This is a lot of reading. It isn't for everyone. But if you can keep up with the reading, you will have a very solid understanding of what Buddhism is and it's modus operandi. Location is at my apartment.

- Practice, aka Chanting, Meditating and Yoga. I am by no means a "certified meditation teacher". This is a monthly chance to do in a group the practices we'd like to do daily. Emphasis is on lay practices, especially those common in US Buddhism, such as chanting and silent meditation.


This group is not affiliated with any particular organization. If you are merely a Buddhist sympathizer and like vegan food, that is good enough reason to join.

The companion website is on FB:

I highly recommend joining there as well.

Upcoming Books:

Bodhisattva's Brain, Flanigan
Basic Teaching, Glen Wallis
The Really Hard Problem, Flanigan
The Buddha Walks into a Bar, Rinzler

The Great Compassion ( by Phelps
Instructions to the Cook (, Glassman (or Dogen if I can find a good translation) At the time Dogen wrote this, he would have been vegan.

Books Already Read:

Confessions of a Buddhist Atheist, Batchelor
Buddhist Biology, Barash
The Self Illusion, Hood.

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