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Mt Washington Winter Climb Training hike #3 - Crabtree Falls to Spy Rock - 14 ml

Crabtree Falls to Spy Rock - 14 miles This is a training hike (3 of 3) for main event coming on February[masked] Mt. Washington Winter Assent *Note: This will be a 3hr driving distance time each way making it a 6hr round trip drive time in which case we must have one over night camping. Drive to location Saturday 1pm, wild camp and next day (Sunday) get out early morning and complete our training hike series, when done with the hike break camp and drive back home soon after. ** Important - When RSVPing, please let me know your intentions...Day hiker or MW attendee (MW= Mt. Washington Winter Climber) This trip is open to everybody as a day hike carrying light weight day packs and is a " mandatory training hike" for the ones attending our NH Mt. Washington winter climb. * Day hikers will use hiking shoes and carry day backpacks ** Trainees will wear mountaineering boots and carry full backpacks The Blue Ridge is the enormously long mountain crest that begins just north of the Potomac River on the Virginia-Maryland border and goes south all the way to Georgia. Gear list If you are a regular day hiker: 1.) Day backpack 2.) Snacks/food for your self 3.) Big mouth bottle carrying water, not camelback 4.) At least 2 liters of water. 5.) Micro spikes 6.) Comfortable/warm hiking boots 7.) Wool hat - Water proof gloves 8.) 2 pieces rain suit 9.) Headlamp + extra batteries 10.) Tent-sleeping bag-sleeping pad 11.) Backpacking stove + gas canister 12.) Cooking utensils (dish-cup-spoon-pot) 13.) Dehydrated food (Breakfast only) Gear list If you are a Mt. Washington winter climber + all list as a day hiker 1.) 50 lt. backpack with a 30 pounds load 2.) Wear mountaineering boots ** Relate to mountaineering boots: I can provide them for a $10 daily fee, if interested send me a private message. Climbers important: The may idea of this training hike is to test if you are physically up-to for the challenge that represent climb Mt. Washington on winter conditions and MUST be done like we are climbing it already. Mountaineering boots MUST BE wear all the time of our training trips because you need to get use to the feeling, discomfort and weight of them. If on the day of our training trips you (climber) show up whit a day pack and wearing hiking shoes you will be welcome to hike with us but you WILL NOT be allow on the main Mt. Washington winter climb event, no exceptions on this rule, doesn't matter who you are. GPS coordinates:[masked], [masked] Google map driving directions: https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Vienna%2FFairfax-GMU,+9550+Saintsbury+Dr,+Fairfax,+VA+22031/37.850959,-79.07982/@38.3630202,-78.7518499,230128m/am=t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m10!4m9!1m5!1m1!1s0x89b64bee3f1333f7:0xaed8819b1f5a6c8d!2m2!1d-77.2716314!2d38.8777047!1m0!3e0!5i1

Mt. Washington, NH - Alpine Winter Ascent

Potomac AV, Metro Station


READ CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU RSVP. Limited to 10 spots Event fee is related to logging rental in New Hampshire and can be more or less than $250, right now is just an estimate to give you a close idea, Main event details: You can’t sleep. You toss. You turn. Visions of the “world’s worst weather” pummel the sugar plum fairies trying to dance through your head. Bitter cold. Biting winds. Fickly visibility. Winter hiking Mt. Washington-New England’s highest peak at 6,288 feet-is all fun and games with the added disclaimer of avalanche danger and to top it off, the weather report is calling for snow. Sure, it’s only one to three inches, a mere afterthought for most of the Northeast but on top of Mt. Washington? A one day winter ascent of Mt. Washington is a rite of passage for any aspiring mountaineer, and the perfect stepping-stone for those looking to test their mettle before tackling more ambitious peaks like Mt. Rainier. Mt. Washington is known as the Home of the World’s Worst Weather, and had one of the world record for the highest windspeed ever witnessed by man a mind boggling 231 mph. The alpine conditions, combined with Mt. Washington’s accessibility, allow you to gain invaluable winter survival experience. During the winter months, the wind speed on the summit tops 70 mph at least once every three days, and it’s not uncommon for climbers to encounter temperatures of -30F and below. You'll be above tree-line for about half of the ascent, which for many is their first experience with a true alpine environment. The mountain with the worst weather on earth has claim 185 victims and counting. This is not a game, it is serious business step on that mountain in winter season. Full trip will take 3 days but climb itself take only one day and this totally depend on weather conditions. We will get there any time on Thursday, it depend on YOUR personal availability to travel. Friday is training day, we will hike to a steep hill on the area to get the proper training to hike/climb, gear use, test our clothes layering system and to have a sneak peek of what we are getting into, this training will take big part of our first day. Climb itself will take part on Saturday and this depend totally on weather conditions, if not favorable we will try again next day. This is exclusive my call you don't have a voice on this decision. One a month training hikes starting November will be post-it previous this main trip, if you are "committed" about this event you "must" participate on every single one of this local training hikes, falling to participated on any of the any of them will incur in automatic drop-out, no exceptions here. 1.) Mt Washington winter climb training 1 of 3 - White Oak Canyon - 8+ miles 2.) Mt Washington Winter Climb Training 2 of 3 - Old Rag/Robertson Mt. 13 miles 3.) Mt Washington winter climb training 1 of 3 - Crabtree Falls/Spy Rock - 14 miles Local training hikes/climbs "must and will be done" carrying full packs with a minimum of 30 pounds loads and wearing "mountaineering boots" hiking shoes-boots are NOT allowed, at the end you will learn to love them but till that you will hate them, soon you will see why. CLOTHES LIST You must own & bring for this specific event Hands: 1.) Layer gloves 2.) Insulated gloves or mittens (2 pair) 3.) Outer 100% waterproof shell Body layers - Top: 1.) Long sleeve base layer (Synthetic - No cotton) 2.) Hooded full zip fleece 3.) Light softshell vest (Optional-Sleeveless down jacket) 4.) Light softshell (Down jacket) 5.) Hardshell hooded 100% waterproof jacket) 6.) Parka Body layers - Lower: 1.) Underwear 2.) Base layer (Synthetic - No cotton) 3.) Softshell 4.) Insulated goose down pant as medium layer 5.) Hardshell 100% water proof 5.) Liner socks (3 pair) 6.) Alpine socks (2 pair) 7.) Mountaineering boots (To be rented) 8.) Kneed hight gaiter Note: For a better understanding about layering refer to link bellow. http://files.meetup.com/992500/Guide%20to%20Alpine%20Climb%20Layering.pdf GEAR: aside of your own clothes layering system you will NEED: 1.) Mountaineering boots (Not hiking boots-Own-rent) 2.) Crampons (Not micro-spikes-Own -rent) 3.) Ice axe (Own-rent) 4.) Climbing helmet (Own) 5.) 2 locking carabiners (Own) 6.) Mountaineering harness (Own-Rent) 7.) Emergency bivy sack (Own) 8.) Gaiters knee hight (Own) 9.) Walky-talky (Own) 10.) Glacier glasses and/or polarize goggles (Own) ** Relate to mountaineering gear: Boots-crampons-ice axe. I can provide them for a $10 daily fee x piece, if interested send me a private message. Transportation: Drive or fly * Airline ticket: You book your own flight, round trip fare star at $180 if book with time to save. * Ground transportation: We need to rent a car close to the date, total fee will be divided equally amount the participants and paid cash on site. * Logging: House-Appartment or Cabin will be rented as soon all committed spots are filled and final cost will be divided amount participants about $200 or more per person * Food: You are on your own, depending on logging we can cook or eat out. Related links: mountwashington.org/weather http://www.northeasthikes.com/winter-hike-mt-washington-lion-head-trail-white-mountains-new-hampshire/ http://www.summitpost.org/mount-washington/150248 http://www.backpacker.com/survival/natural-hazards/weather/america-s-10-most-dangerous-hikes-mt-washington-nh/ Last know fatality on the area: http://nypost.com/2015/02/17/new-york-hiker-freezes-to-death-in-new-hampshire-mountains/

Wilderness Medicine Field Course
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This is a great class for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors! Dr. Ellen has a tremendous amount of energy and years of experience. While it is geared to medical professionals, the lay person will learn just as much! I have taken this class and it is worth it. I'm even considering repeating to get a refresher. 5 classes on: April 23-25 May 28-30 June 25-27 July 23-25 Aug 20-22 More info here: http://www.wildmedmd.... (http://www.wildmedmd.com/) Outdoor Day 1 spent in woods: fire making, water purification, orienteering, deep water jumping, shelters, survival strategy, hydration/nutrition, hypo/hyperthermia, medical concerns, safety, self defense, all disciplines of outdoor medicine, litter making, evacuation planning. Outdoor Day 2 climbing, orienteering and mountain biking. Ropes training, high angle rescue, rappel, belay, aid fallen climber, solo top roping safety, knots, map/compass use, mountain bike and patient trauma scenarios. Outdoor Day 3 swift water rescue in the Potomac River.

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